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8 Disruptive Ways to Promote Your Digital Press Releases

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Sometimes, it’s difficult to shape every business update in a press-worthy way, and it’s somewhat more challenging to make press releases engaging enough to compete with the flood of information journalists receive every day.

42% of businesses claim that reaching the right journalists is their biggest challenge. Businesses, especially new ones, struggle to connect with journalists or relevant publications because not every company can afford the perks of having a dedicated Press Release (PR) team.

To better cope with problems, businesses must strengthen their digital PR game and find disruptive ways to promote their press releases. This blog will serve as a learning guide for helping companies cut through the noise and get their story seen.

Challenges Businesses Experience in Promoting Press Releases Digitally

To discover meaningful ways of promoting press releases, first, find out some of the challenges businesses face:

Too Long & Boring

The world is getting digitalized, and so is the world of media professionals. They are busier than ever, with a flood of PRs flooding their feed. With updated and modern PR content, businesses can find a profitable edge over their competitors. Journalists are looking for the sweet spot in press releases worth publishing and giving them a solid reason to consider them. Long press releases have no value, and certainly not for media members. They need short, crisp, and easily skimmable PR. Anything other than that goes ignored right under their noses.

Timely Rolling Out Prs

After ensuring their press release has newsworthy and up-to-date content, businesses aim to publish their PR campaigns as quickly as possible. However, businesses often forget that thousands of other brands are also writing press releases for the same topic or niche, which may have more important or impactful news to tell.

This way, they simply lose the trick of timing constraints because their content might get pushed away by some other big news, which could obscure it. Favorable weekdays need to be considered because the excitement of posting early, especially somewhere on weekends, can be suicidal for businesses, as most people wrap up their work by Friday.

Digital PR

Vague Content

Their press release often lacks clarity and the main information behind their story. Incomplete explanations or writing errors in press releases are a no-go for any press release.

Businesses need to hire professional copywriters who have a knack for explaining long copies into short, crisp, and skimmable content. Spend considerable time proofreading content as it helps find any grammatical or common mistakes that may allow journalists to ignore their stories.

Top 8 Remarkable Ways Businesses Can Opt to Promote Their Next Press Release

Turn Press Releases into Ads

Well, we can never ignore the idea of covering paid media campaigns. The world is filled with cutthroat competition, and there are high chances of press releases getting ignored by their target entities.

If businesses can afford to boost their press releases online, they should convert their press release content into paid search or social ads. Companies can plan to strategize their stories’ content into different channels, such as native ads matching user experiences or going for sponsored or social ads on popular social media platforms like LinkedIn or Twitter.

Use Your Social Media Presence

With the rise of LinkedIn, every business utilizes its presence to boost its social presence. Businesses occasionally showcase their participation or achievements on their social media platforms.

On the other hand, if some businesses have a story worthy of telling, they should benefit from the importance of their strong social presence. A company’s brand profile or CEO can post its press release in story-based content, ideal for platforms like LinkedIn. It not only showcases their presence in a positive light but also grabs the attention of their social media’s prospective clients.

Repurpose Press Release in a Blog Post

A blog is an area in their marketing section where they can take advantage of writing long-form content and repurpose their press release in a blog post.

Therefore, incorporating press releases into blogs can be successful for businesses and provide opportunities to enhance their search engine presence. Businesses can experience the liberty of expanding their content and adding images supporting and empowering their story. They can also optimize their blogs with keywords or phrases that help them raise organic traffic and increase their chances of ranking in Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs).

Incorporating Press Release In Email

Did you know that, according to 96% of PR professionals, pitching journalists through personalized emails is the most effective method?

Directly pitching press releases to journalists or media personalities is not a cup of tea for every business. Businesses must explore different marketing channels that effectively showcase their press release services and presence.

However, email marketing is one where marketers can carefully plan and address the attributes of their target audience. By writing engaging email subject lines and segmenting the right journalists, businesses can ensure their news is widely recognized by the media.

Maximize Impact with Press Release Distribution Channels

Businesses can stand out from competitors by using different press release distribution channels. Their platforms can help companies to promote their press releases to their relevant audience.

Although there is much competition regarding the promotion of press releases in the digital PR world, hundreds of online press release distribution channels are still helping businesses practice their global PR distribution. These distribution channels allow companies to explore new doors of opportunities and find an international audience for their press releases.

Use the Power of Video Marketing

Press releases and news releases can both be effectively placed in videos. Nowadays, videos are the best way to share the highlights of their news and can sum up their whole press release content into engaging visual chunks.

Videos are becoming increasingly preferred across all marketing channels, not just social media platforms. Nothing is more effective for businesses than utilizing video channels to highlight the main points of their press release in a video clip.

Reshape Press Release Into Newsletter

Marketing is about promoting their brand’s press releases in different distribution channels. One of businesses’ biggest mistakes is limiting their press release to only one distribution channel. Email marketing is where companies can catch the attention of professional journalists and lavish media platforms.

Therefore, if companies run newsletters, they must send their press releases in their email newsletters. This way, they can benefit from their already established customer base and be freed from investing in other marketing activities.

Appear on Industry Related Podcasts

Businesses need to come out of their shell when it comes to marketing their brand, especially when promoting their press releases and handling their digital press release. Podcasts are a unique way to expand their market audience. They need to identify the podcast relevant to their industry and appear on their platform to promote their press release.

By embarking on a meaningful conversation with their guests and providing valuable insights related to the industry, businesses can subtly weave their press release news into the conversation, which can turn their listeners into brand ambassadors.

Roll Out Your Next PR With Press Connect

In today’s marketplace, press releases are the main focus for brands looking to stand out. Businesses can grab the attention of their favorable journalists and media platforms by promoting their press releases through effective marketing channels. From repurposing their press releases into blogs to turning them into paid ads and social media posts, these methods can help boost their press release performance affordably and efficiently.

With Pressconnects, businesses can leverage powerful and effective methods to elevate their press releases and enhance their brand’s digital presence.