Advancing the face recognition technology – A tech startup’s excellence and raising $1.2m in funding

Press Release 30 Jan 2024 511 Views

London, UK – January 30, 2024 – The fastest facial recognition company, Facia, has been serving businesses with its robust technology and raised 1.2 million in funding to improve its services. The platform is built on the mission to revolutionize the digital security industry through lightning-fast identification results. 

The ever-evolving digital landscape is transforming the way online security works. As much as new technology is making its way into our lives, hackers and fraudsters are utilizing innovative methods to dodge security procedures. Online money theft and document breaches have become more common than ever now. Organizations require advanced AI systems to protect their important data from these criminals. 

The rising frequency of mass leaks of online data and passwords has instilled fear on the individual level. People are unsure of trusting organizations with their private information. The use of deep fakes with the help of generative AI is seriously concerning. At these difficult times, companies like Facia offer advanced security measures to combat the challenges of the future. 

Facial recognition technology is a pioneer in digital safety, identifying civilians from fraudsters within seconds. Organizations can ensure the utmost security of their operations by utilizing these strong measures as the world progresses. 

Facia, a liveness detection platform, was built to create awareness for these AI-assisted inspection methods. The company aims to identify anyone from any region within seconds with its 8 billion-faces recognition mission. It kept growing in the face of adversity and has remarkably achieved a landmark of raising $1.2 M in funding. 

The company’s CEO explained how the platform keeps up with technological advancements, “Our mission has always been to help businesses perform secure operations,” said Mujadad Naeem, Facia’s CEO. “We provide seamless integration and aim to empower organizations with the fastest identification services.”

According to Mr. Naeem, Facia’s journey has been full of ups and downs. The startup came across many challenges, but due to the endurance and hard work of the team, it soon overcame the tough days and became the fastest facial recognition service provider. Considering modern digital security breaches, the need for accurate facial identification remains a priority. Facia aims to grow and provide the best and quickest identification services for various industries across regions. 

About Facia

Facia is a liveness detection and facial recognition platform providing the fastest industry services with a response rate of less than one second. It is a pioneer in 3D liveness and AI-driven security checks. 

The company offers full-featured protection against spoof and digital security attacks, such as masking, face swap, VR, and impersonation attacks. Facia’s technology is NIST and first-level iBeta complaint, providing advanced verification checks for businesses with a customized approach and user-intuitive interfaces.  

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