Content Guidelines

Content Inclusions

Newsworthy Content:

  • Emphasize the importance of a clear and compelling news angle.
  • Encourage clients to focus on recent developments tied to current trends or events.

Content Structure:

  • Explain the inverted pyramid structure for organizing information.
  • Suggest a 300-500 word count range to keep press releases concise and impactful.

Headline and Subheadings:

  • The main titles must be compelling, easy to understand, and cover what’s inside the PR’s body.

Media Elements:

  • Clients can only put 2-5 links (based on their package).

Tone and Style:

  • Communicate the need for a professional and neutral tone.
  • If applicable, mention adapting the writing style to match client preferences or brand voice.
  • The PR must be written in the 3rd person voice.

Keyword Optimization:

  • Guide clients on natural keyword integration for better search engine visibility.
  • Advise against keyword stuffing and encourage a balance between SEO and readability.

Accuracy and Attribution:

  • Do fact-checking to maintain accuracy.
  • Pressconnect might prompt clients to provide credible sources for rechecking to ensure we distribute no fake or manipulative
  • When mentioning statistics or figures, the source link should be mentioned.

Submission Operation

Document Format:

  • Specify the preferred formats for submission (e.g., Microsoft Word or Google Docs).
  • Provide any formatting guidelines, such as font, spacing, or paragraph structure.

Deadline Adherence:

  • Communicate adhering to specified deadlines for timely distribution.

Collaboration with Clients:

  • Stress the need for communication with clients throughout the submission process.
  • Remind clients to seek approval before the final submission.

Content Exclusions

Promotional Content:

Press releases primarily serving as promotional material without substantial news value are unsuitable for distribution through our digital PR agency.

Offensive or Inappropriate Material:

We do not publish content that contains offensive language, hate speech, discriminatory remarks, or any material that violates ethical standards.

Misleading Information:

Press releases that contain false or misleading information, including deceptive claims or inaccurate data, will not be accepted for distribution.


Any PR content that contains clickbait content, such as body-varying titles and irrelevant images to gain more views and clicks through deceptive techniques, will not be published.

Inciting Fear or Panic:

Any PR that spreads panic or incites fear, e.g., predicting the end of the world, earthquake, or terrorist attack, such PRs will not be accepted.

Personal Attacks:

Content that includes personal attacks, derogatory statements, or defamatory remarks about individuals or entities will not be published.

Illegal or Unethical Activities:

We do not support or distribute content that promotes illegal activities, unethical practices, or harm.

Copyright Violations:

Press releases that infringe upon the intellectual property rights of others, including unauthorized use of copyrighted material, will not be accepted.

Industry Exclusions:

We reserve the right to decline PRs that fall into the following categories:

  • Illegal Activities
  • Hate Speech or Discrimination
  • Adult Content
  • Harmful Substances
  • MLM and Pyramid Schemes
  • Pharmaceutical Misinformation
  • Controversial Religious or Political Content

Review Process:

All submitted press releases are reviewed thoroughly to ensure compliance with our guidelines. 

  1. You need to submit a copy of the press release for distribution.
  2. Our experts will review your copy.
  3. We will provide you with feedback.

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