Precision Meets Adventure: BeKing’s Limited Edition Watches Inspired by Latitude Zero

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Albuquerque, New Mexico – January 5, 2024 – Infused with the forces of real alpha spirit, US-based micro watchmaker BeKing is announcing the launch of its three exclusive hand-crafted flagship watches. Drawing inspiration from the fascinating ‘Latitude Zero,’ narrating a story of wonder, resilience, and the courage to go beyond limits, the sale will go live on Kickstarter in early 2024.

Meticulously crafted with sophistication in every element, BeKing is more than just a design and engineering; it’s a symbol of a true alpha. A perfect blend of proportion, robustness, and grace crafted with Swiss Movement. All three watches are made with sapphire crystal, one of the hardest substances on the earth and one of the two most precious gemstones, boasting high optic clarity, dimensional strength, lighter in weight, and more shatter-resistant than glass, painstakingly crafted by experts the finest workers at BeKing.

“The Wild Collection development team embarked on an unforgettable journey through Latitude 0, We wanted to capture this essence in our watches, and we are proud to present these limited edition models that embody the adventure with elegance and a wild touch. The brand’s commitment to creating watches that are not just that but also a reflection of a lifestyle evident in this collection,” the Brand’s Spokesperson.

The design, development, and production of BeKing involves stringent tests to simulate extreme weather beats and ensure uncompromised durability, making each watch a reliable companion for the adventurous spirit. As with all the watch’s components, it is precisely designed to guarantee impeccable beauty, a perfect alchemy of form, function, aesthetics, and reliability.

About BeKing

Inspired by the forces of the universe and the energy of each man, capturing this essence is transmitted to our customers in each product we develop. Behind this engineering, technology, and high quality.

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