Grayphite Announces Inflation Adjustment of 20% for its Workforce

Grayphite Announces Inflation Adjustment of 20% for its Workforce

Press Release 07 Aug 2023 321 Views

Grayphite has announced an inflation adjustment of 20% for its employees to cope with the increasing expenditures due to hyperinflation in the country. The initiative will help the workforce maintain healthy lifestyles in this situation of macroeconomic crisis. People working in various industries are experiencing hard times due to the ongoing recession in the country. They are facing a lot of hardships in maintaining a balanced lifestyle. To help the breadwinners across the country, many companies are working on initiatives to reduce the impacts of inflation on their employees.

Grayphite is an IT service provider founded in 2019, the firm is headquartered in Toronto with sub-offices in various locations across the world including California and Faisalabad. The organisation has developed expert solutions in different areas of software development. Some of the highlighted expertise mentioned are, Serverless Architecture design which allows applications to be hosted by third-party services such as AWS. Artificial Intelligence is also one of the firm’s domains that uses the world’s top AI models for generating content.

Moreover, Grayphite operates digital marketing campaigns for its clients. The firm offers Ad automation services to build systems for managing advertisements. The modern web applications building also falls in the category of services provided by the firm with most emerging technology stacks.

In addition to services, Grayphite provides its clients with talented individuals that think about the development and best business recommendations using the tools and technologies that help in saving money and time. The firm has some of the most cutting-edge technology available in the market. People working at Grayphite enjoy working on projects that present fresh challenges, learning about new technology, and imparting their expertise and experience to others. The organisation has served multiple firms from around the world and has an efficient work portfolio with many successful projects. Some of the clients include Nmdp,, and Menulab.

The initiative of increasing employee salaries has been adopted by many firms in the industry, as this is a good way of showing corporate support for their workers. Grayphite announced its initiative of inflation adjustment on LinkedIn as a much-needed decision for its workforce. The firm mentioned that its employees are the top priority and providing salary allowance will help in uplifting morales of the people working with full dedication.