Social Media Outlets Spread Rumours about Kate Middleton’s Surgery and Charles’s Death

News 26 Mar 2024 122 Views

TikTok revolves around speculation that the BBC has been alerted of an impending royal family announcement, but the rumors are groundless.


Over the weekend, the power of social media was once again demonstrated as unverified news about the BBC being on “standby” for an official announcement from the Royal family started circulating, particularly on TikTok. This sparked suspicion among people, with some content creators claiming updates about Kate Middleton’s abdominal surgery and others raising concerns about King Charles’s cancer treatment. Despite the online discussion, none of the parties have confirmed the claims, underscoring the potential for misinformation on these platforms. 

It’s unusual for the royal palace to provide notice of upcoming announcements multiple days before. However, Buckingham Palace refused the allegations when PEOPLE reached them.

A spokesperson for Princess Kate said, “We were very clear from the outset that the Princess of Wales was out until after Easter, and Kensington Palace would only provide updates when something was significant.” The spokesperson reiterated that the princess, 42, is “doing well.”

In addition to Kate Middleton’s viral news, King Charles’s cancer treatment chatter hit new levels across social media platforms when a Russian media outlet published the news about the death of a British monarch. However, the photos of the doctored death announcement made their way to TikTok. As the fake news about the dismissal of the King, the British Embassy in Russia refused and tweeted that, “News about the death of King Charles III is fake.”

As the royal family grapples with the delicate balance between public disclosure and privacy, there is a growing demand for increased transparency. “Everybody feels unsettled by uncertainty, and there is too much uncertainty surrounding the monarchy right now,” royal biographer Sally Bedell Smith recently told PEOPLE. This sentiment reflects a broader societal shift towards a desire for more open and honest communication from institutions like the monarchy. Queen Elizabeth used to say, “I need to be seen to be believed. It is important for the public to know more about Charles and his reign.”

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