Press Release Example: Tips for Writing a Compelling PR

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Brand image defines the value of a business. Every company maintains it through a series of well-planned public relations activities. Press releases are one of them. When done well, it can gather more attention than your business desires. 

Similarly, a substandard press release example can set a negative brand image and scare the clients away. Consequently, getting it right is essential by all means. This guide covers the groundwork for writing it, along with our standard press release format for different news types to get a speedy headstart. 

What is a Press Release? 

A press release is an official information update about a company published for public and media consideration. It can be a notice about anything ranging from product launches, event promotions, changes in company management, or a public awareness campaign. It’s an effective branding tool that 78% of journalists prefer to receive for brand updates. 

Public relations managers create and distribute press releases to get media coverage for the announcement. The platforms can be traditional or digital. All in all, these written pieces serve as a method of promoting your brand among the audience and media industry.

Why Writing a Press Release is Smart 

Let’s start from a fact. 

According to the latest research, journalists say that press releases are still the best source of brand information for crafting stories. That says much about it.

The branding tool has been here for decades and is now becoming more relevant than ever due to the rise of digital pr media. Press or news releases are considered the most authentic, compact, and up-to-date information about a company or person. They keep your business in the highlights, naturally surfacing in people’s lives. 

When Should Your Business Send a Press Release 

By definition, you can create a press release whenever you want to share the news with the audience and media. This can be any happening in your company. Launching a new product? Create a press piece. Achieved a milestone? Release a press write-up. Relocating or rebranding? Publish a PR

Thus, press releases can be of numerous types based on the uniqueness of the occasion or data you wish to share. The prominent reasons to create a PR include: 

  • New product launch
  • Upcoming event promotion
  • Brand partnerships 
  • A valuable hire or acquisition
  • Crisis Management or emergency communication
  • Company achievement/milestone  
  • New service or campaign launch 
  • Social activity or fundraising  
  • Rebranding or relocating your business

7 Examples of Press Releases by Type 

Let us divide the press release examples by the type of the occasion, its specifications, and what you need to make it unique. 

  • Product Launch or Upgrade

One of the most justified press releases, product launch, must be comprehensive and all-inclusive. The write-up focuses on the product’s attributes and what makes it unique compared to the competitors. 

The product launch PR should be both engaging and comprehensive. Mention all the necessary points about the brand, the new product, and the launch time in the opening paragraph. The rest of the content focuses on the product’s qualities and its benefits for the users. A detailed quote from the spokesperson adds authenticity to it.  

Remember, when writing this PR type, you must mention the product’s specifications and its connection to the latest technology. Explain why having this product will make people’s lives easier. Write how the update is better if it’s a new version of an existing app or solution. Adding a visual of the solution adds vitality to this PR type. 

  • Press Release Example for Event Promotion 

As you may have guessed, an event PR is published to let the media know about an event happening soon for which your company is the organizer or a management partner. 

This type of press release includes the time, location, and duration of the activity as the crucial information. It also covers the event’s objectives, who will be speaking, and details about the organizers.  

An event press release example covers the specifics of the happening, such as date, time, who’s organizing, and who’s participating, in the starting paragraphs. It then tops up with a quote from a known personality taking part in the event. Finally, the PR concludes with a brief history and necessary background information about the affair, proving why it is a great deal. Don’t forget to add detailed contact information at the end to make connections accessible. 

  • Crisis Management/Emergency PR

Emergencies are inevitable, but responding to them promptly can make your company stand out. A crisis communication press release explains how your brand deals with the situation and any benefits for the public. 

This kind of PR proves how a brand plays its social duty in times of crisis. It provides a detailed description of what the business is offering, supported by a quote from an executive towards the cause. If possible, link to the official announcement for clarification and solid proof. 

When writing a crisis management PR, remember to describe the advantages of the cause in its eternity. Briefly explaining the brand history in similar situations may add to its reputation.  

  • New Hire/ Changes in Management PR

A new hire PR of an executive or management position informs the stakeholders that the brand is in capable hands. It should include information about the joiner’s experience and skills and how he will add to the growth of the company. 

In this press release format example, mention the new hire’s joining date, position, contract period, and job duties. The picture helps make the news professional. When writing a press release for a new acquisition, remember to add quotes from company officials and the joiner. Explain their previous achievements and how they will add value to the company’s services. 

  • Achievement Or Milestone PR 

When a business attains a certain milestone, it’s worth sharing. This kind of press release revolves around bragging about the company’s achievements and how this significant award impacts its image. 

Explain the efforts of the brand to get the recognition it deserves. Elaborate on how this significant milestone is vital to the company’s success. 

As you want to write for the benefit of both the brand and the audience, don’t forget to include information on how this achievement will help the public. For example, write why people can now trust this company and how the new achievement will improve the quality of its services for the customers.   

  • Partnership PR

A partnership is a way forward for mutual growth. This PR type is used to explain how two companies have collaborated to assist each other in delivering better services. It informs stakeholders about the businesses’ position and future plans.

Make it a classical news piece that comprehensively mentions joining benefits for both companies. Include their specialties and how the expertise of one is going to enhance that of another, resulting in a boost in service quality.    

When writing a partnership press release, ensure you mention the unique selling points of both businesses. Add quotes from management persons of both partners. Finally, lightly mention how this partnership is good news for the public, e.g. expansion of services, etc.   

  • New Service/Campaign Launch

These news pieces announce a new or updated service to show the company’s advancements. New service PRs are somehow similar to campaign launches, but the latter can be timed for special occasions like Mother’s Day. The purpose of both is to show that your brand is proactively keeping up with the progressing world and keeps it in the spotlight. 

An example of this release type is a company offering an improved solution to an existing service. Add research-based facts that explain why this new solution is crucial. Finally, mention key features of the latest resource in the concluding paragraph, highlighting its superiority and benefits for the audience.  

Press Release Example

Tips For Writing Effective Press Releases

No matter what type of press release you are working on, the fundamental writing process is similar. The following tips can help you top up your PR writing expertise.  

Make Your Headline Catchy

A headline should define the news in a compact yet compelling manner. Add urgency to highlight the importance of the PR as well as mention attractive words so that the reader can’t help but click on it. 

Write Concise, To-The-Point 

A press release is like a blueprint for journalists to create articles or videos from. So, make it rich with information and keep the fluff miles away. Understand your readers and write every crucial aspect of the news they would want to know. 

Inverted Pyramid Method

When making a writing prompt for your PR, utilize the inverted pyramid technique. This method involves adding all the crucial data first and descending to less important information towards the end. 
In PR writing, answer W questions at the start; explain why knowing about it is helpful and what value it provides the reader. Following, write unique points about the company related to the news. At the end, see if anything is missing. Don’t forget to add CTA and contact information as a decent conclusion. 

Share Your Business News with Tailored PRs 

Customizing your press releases with the occasion is crucial to make the most of this strategy. It adds credibility to your news and attracts a wider audience pool. However, modifying your PRs for every new scenario can be complex. 
Press Connect can help you get tailored press releases that reach directly where your target audience is. Our PR services go beyond borders, adding regional specifications to the content type. Set free from a bland voice and be specific with our objective-focused expert PRs.