RecordMe’s AI-Driven Accounting Solution Provides Real-Time Financial Transparency with Uncompromised Accuracy

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London, UK – Sep 23, 2023 – RecordMe, an AI-powered bookkeeping and accounting solution provider, helps businesses collect, understand and analyse financial data. The company aims to make the business’s financial processes efficient and streamlined through world-class data extraction technology. Companies can benefit from RecordMe’s solution by automating repetitive and time-consuming bookkeeping tasks whilst ensuring accuracy and minimising human error.

RecordMe’s hybrid approach ensures robustness and accuracy whilst increasing the business’s bookkeeping and accounting efficiency by 100 times. Backed by the powerful machine learning model that undergoes the training using a vast dataset comprising hundreds of thousands of documents, resulting in less processing time than it takes a human to read it.

Industries from FinTech, Restaurants, E-commerce, Departmental stores, Banks and many others can benefit from RecordMe services. The company has already assisted countless SMEs in automating their accounting processes and continues to expand as it grows, reaching even more businesses. Their rapidly growing clientele includes large venture capital tech companies and other small enterprises. 

“We recognized the challenges businesses face in managing their financial reporting tasks and saw an opportunity to revolutionise the industry. Our services bring innovation to the accounts sector and allow businesses to save countless hours by digitising their accounts. We believe that the power of AI in data extraction can play a vital role in business development and growth,” said Qaisar Rafique, CEO of RecordME.

The platform uses OCR technology to scan and recognise the text from the invoices, receipts and bills and converts it into useful digital data. The bot then manipulates the data according to the client’s configuration. The service supports all kinds of major billing formats, including invoices, expense claims, payroll data, quotations, receipts and many others. With easy customisation into an ERP or other record-keeping software, RecordMe empowers SMEs to streamline their accounting. 

About RecordMe

RecordMe is an innovative cloud-based solution provider that is backed by Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML). It provides scalable day-to-day accounting and bookkeeping solutions to SMEs. RecordMe’s state-of-the-art solution provides the ability to process documents in less time than it takes to read them, it’s already being used in thousands of organisations and continues to expand. The solution also incorporates human experts who verify the bot’s data extraction, allowing businesses to focus on the things that matter the most.

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