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A Detailed Guide to Crafting a Compelling Social Media Press Release

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If any business wishes to earn exposure and traffic in today’s age, social media is a primary source of it. Utilizing it for marketing purposes has been a convergence point for global marketers, promoting ads, new products, and even company announcements. 

Talking about global updates, did you know that residents of 30+ countries, including Hungary, Mexico, and Thailand, use social media as a news source? That’s significant enough to invest in this strategy. Read along to learn how marketers can invest in this strategy to enhance their gains.  

Social Media Press Releases – What Makes Them Unique?

Social media press releases are the brand updates shared through social media platforms like LinkedIn and Twitter. They can be created for the same reasons as a traditional press release: a product or service launch, event announcement, company developments, etc. 

So, what makes them unique? 

Firstly, a social media press release creates awareness and drives visibility to the original press release. It takes your message to an audience that is less likely to be touched by a typical pr distribution. Moreover, the target audience is social media users. That’s why these press release types are short, catchy, and semi-formal.

Traditional vs Social Media Release

We won’t say one is better than the other because it’s clearly not a comparison of quality. Traditional and social media PRs can be about the same news, but their content structure and tone differ due to unique audience preferences.

  • Target Audience

Unlike traditional media releases, social media press releases are not shared only with journalists and reporters. Instead, they are meant to gather the attention of consumers and customers. Their target is wide, reaching anyone who uses social platforms. 

  • Goal 

Social media PRs are meant to promote campaigns and gain views. Their context varies with the platform type. They’re not aimed at gathering media mentions or being prominent among business figures. That’s the job of a traditional press release. The latter is intended to break news and get coverage in prominent publications. 

  • Tone 

Press releases for social connection platforms are written with a friendly tone. Social media users prioritize informal, trendy words and phrases, whereas journalists require a professional writing tone for traditional press releases. 

  • Content 

Social media users prefer to-the-point and catchy content. They are not here to read pages. Therefore, the ideal length of social media PRs is between 100-200 words. For official media releases, you must mention facts, and authentic stats, taking the length to 400 words. 

Social Media

Why Use Social Media for Press Releases?

There’s no doubt that social media is among the most used internet platforms. It is home to billions of global users with an average run time of 2 hours and 24 minutes daily. Imagine the visibility your business updates could get by publishing on such a widely seen platform. The resulting boost in views is worth every second spent on this tactic. 

Social media releases allow users to connect with your announcements in real time. People can comment on your PRs, directly message for queries, or share them with their reviews. The news may get a free boost due to likes, reshares, and tagging with friends. In short, it is the best PR marketing strategy to enjoy more reach and instant feedback on your business news. 

These press releases have more chances of getting long-term visibility as nothing goes missing on social media. They may show up months or even years later in archives, memories, or tagged posts. Social PR campaigns are always just a search away, allowing bloggers or journalists to link to them in their stories. 

How to Write a Press Release for Social Media

As discussed above, social PRs are much different from traditional ones. Thus, it makes much sense to create a separate press release for social media instead of modifying a traditional piece. 

Engaging words, eye-catching images, and perfect tagging make social media press releases too good to ignore. Let’s look at the elements that make these PRs successful:

1. Structure Your PR 

As most social media users are young adults with short attention spans, the first rule of creating press releases is to keep them compact. Make them revolve around the focus topic and nothing else. 

Add a catchy headline or title with the potential of going viral. Most users will scroll past your post quickly if the headline is not grabbing enough. The rest of this digital PR structure involves body content, multimedia, Call to Action, and links (if any). Keep the length below 100 words for Instagram and Facebook and up to 200 words for LinkedIn or Twitter. 

2. Write Engaging Content 

Social media is a place that makes learning fun. Anything that’s too harsh, formal, or boring gets lost under millions of posts. Therefore, your social media PR writing should spark interest and appeal through an engaging and storytelling angle. Write it like marketing copies or blogs, leaving the traditional structure and serious element behind. 

Summarize the news in the initial one or two informative sentences. Whenever possible, add relevant data or facts to support your story. Cut any unnecessary fluff and add some trendy phrases to go viral. 

3. Spice it Up With Visuals

Multimedia is a must-have for social media press releases if you wish to get maximum attention from them. It is seen to get more coverage and SEO opportunities. There are very few social media channels where people read texts. Almost every platform supports some visual elements, which people prefer too. Multimedia can also help people with disabilities and attract 16% more of the population.

Visual elements can be high quality images, infographics, graphs, videos, animations, or logos. Whatever you use, ensure it’s high resolution, relevant, and created in a powerful color combination. 

4. End With a Sizzling Call To Action (CTA) 

Social posts are incomplete without a compelling CTA persuading the audience to take action. Word it easy but smartly. You may also add directions or contact information in this section.  

5. Top-up Hashtags and Tags 

Like traditional press releases, you can also do SEO on social media releases. One tactic is tagging and using hashtags. Use tags to link to your other company channels, influencers, organizations, magazines, and any relevant profile that may reshare your story. For hashtags, ensure to incorporate viral, industry-specific, trending words to optimize your posts for maximum reach. 

6. Add Links Where Possible

When possible, add links to relevant sources, your website, or the official newsroom in the social release. These are vital to bringing traffic to your site that might convert into leads. However, not all social platforms allow adding links. 

Social Media Press Release Example 

This announcement by WaysConf completely justifies the definition of a social media press release. The visuals, live pictures, and headlines not only make it appealing but also informative. 

Like the provided step-by-step guide, this press release starts with the primary update of the announcement in the form of a catchy headline. The initial paragraphs cover the necessary questions of Who, What, When, and where about the event, followed by the program details in the middle section. The call to action is absolutely flawless in attracting an aspiring audience. A discount voucher along with the company website link for registration is enough to make every indecisive person say YES. 

Making a Press Release Social Media Post With Press Connect

Handling business tasks on social media is not as superficial as most people consider it. It is the most swiftly progressing digital platform with the potential to attract millions of global users. A smartly crafted, posted, and shared social media press release can cross borders and break your news in the most appealing manner. leads the social news game and promises all these benefits plus more with our affordable social and traditional PR writing and distribution services. We determine the correct technique by evaluating business needs, rising trends, and the preferences of audiences. So, if you are ready to touch 120+ countries and regions with your breaking updates, get a quote today!